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Nursing mistakes can put your license at risk.

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Nurses are often instrumental in the care that patients receive from collecting patient history and administering an initial examination during an appointment to administering medication to hospitalized patients. However, because they are so involved in the daily care of patients, there are many more opportunities for a mistake to impact that patient’s health and a nurse’s career.

Breakdowns of communication can lead to medical errors.

Negligence comes in many forms, and in some cases proper communication makes the difference between appropriate patient care and a critical issue of malpractice. Even a delay in updating patient charts could lead to double doses of medication and other concerns.

What you post online could put your offline work at risk.

As American Nurse Today notes, social media can be a minefield for nurses. Posting about patients in particular could put you at risk because your post may violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Failure to report an OWI could impact your career.

A mistake off the job can have a significant impact on your career when it comes time to renew your nursing license. A second drunk driving conviction is a misdemeanor offense, and the state of Wisconsin requires you to report felonies and misdemeanors to the board if you are convicted.

While everyone makes mistakes, taking steps to protect your nursing license is essential for medical professionals. Take precautions to avoid these mistakes in your everyday work and speak to an experienced attorney if there is a concern that could jeopardize your license. Even if you have made a mistake, it is possible to protect your license and your career with experienced legal counsel.

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