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How do you protect nurses from losing their license?

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You are a very dependable worker. You may have been working for the hospital for more than 20 years as a nurse. Patients and doctors love and respect you. It took you years to get that reputation and experience. With such a wonderful work history is there a chance that you could possibly lose your nursing license?

Ways to protect your nursing license

Unfortunately, there is a possibility. You must always be on your toes as a nurse if you want to protect your license. There are mistakes that you can make that could cost you your career. They include:

  • If there is something that you do not feel comfortable doing, do not do it. No matter if it is your colleague or even superior, and they ask you to perform a procedure that is against hospital or company policy, do not do it. That includes not performing any procedures that you are not certain how to perform. When in doubt, just follow the official procedures and policies of the hospital.
  • Be a great communicator- breakdowns in communication can have negative outcomes, but in terms of health care, the results can be impactful. Poor communication can be deadly, especially, if you are dealing with life-saving medications and procedures or treatments.
  • Always be professional- the publics perception of you is very important.
  • Be careful what you post on social media- some things may be considered inappropriate
  • Trust your intuition- if something looks off about a patient when all tests say everything is fine, trust yourself to take the next steps necessary to protect your patient’s life.

If you are a nurse, then you have worked very hard for your license and career. It is good to be aware of ways to keep your reputation intact. If you have questions about possibly losing your license, you may contact an attorney who can help.

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