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November 2016 Archives

The doctor-patient relationship impacts potential cases

Doctors are often concerned about facing health care lawsuits, despite their best efforts, and so they look for ways to reduce the risk. Naturally, avoiding mistakes and providing a high quality of care are the best ways to do this, but there are other tactics that can help. According to one study, the doctor-patient relationship could be the key.

Many U.S. doctors still not using electronic information sharing

One thing that has come to play a bigger and bigger role in the health care industry in recent years are electronic health record (EHR) systems. The increased prevalence of such systems has had many different impacts, including effects on doctors. For one, it has shifted what the day-to-day practice of medicine involves. Also, there are some new types of legal issues that could come up for a doctor in relation to their use of such systems. This includes issues coming from allegations that a doctor made impactful mistakes in their EHR use. When EHR-related legal matters arise for physicians, skilled health law attorneys can give them guidance throughout the process of responding to the issues.

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