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Doctors can face burnout risks

Medicine can be a very rewarding field to work in. It is one though that certainly has its share of struggles. Long hours, incredibly strenuous work and dealing with stressful situations are all common things for doctors. Given this, one of the things doctors can be at risk of is burnout. Some estimates indicate that over half of doctors are dealing with burnout.

Study: Doctor diagnoses far more accurate than computer ones

The list of things that computers are better than humans at seems to be growing constantly. However, there remain some tasks in which, at least currently, humans continue to have a significant edge over computers. One of these is the diagnosing of medical conditions.

Will drones someday play a big role in health care?

One of the fields technology is having big impacts on is health care. All sorts of new technologies are coming up which have potential applications in the practice of medicine. Among the many effects the introduction of new health-care-related technologies can have are impacts on what kinds of legal issues come up for doctors in relation to their work. When legal issues come up for a doctor in connection to such new technologies or their use of them, such as contract issues or issues that could impact their license status, they may want to promptly speak to an attorney knowledgeable in health law.

Medical professionals and social media

Social media is not something people just use in their personal life; there are many individuals who also use this technology in relation to their professional life. The health care profession is among the professions in which some practitioners have been turning to social media to help with their professional goals, aims and mission.

New opioid prescribing guidelines in Wisconsin

Prescription opioid addiction is an incredibly serious thing. Among the things it can lead to for those who suffer from it is heroin use. Heroin use has been a serious problem here in Wisconsin in recent times. Both heroin overdose deaths and criminal cases involving heroin have been trending upward in the state, state Justice Department data indicates.

Doctor facing state board investigation following OWI charge

When a Wisconsinite in the medical profession is facing allegations of drunk driving, criminal defense representation is not the only type of legal help they may need. They may find it valuable to also have the guidance of a health law attorney experienced with legal matters related to state licensing board actions.

Being accused of over-treating a patient can be very serious

It is critical for doctors to exercise care when it comes to treatments for their patients. In addition to potentially compromising a patient’s safety, treatment errors can end up being very costly for a physician. Such errors, under some circumstances, could lead to a doctor facing disciplinary proceedings from the state. In such proceedings, a doctor’s license, career and future could be hanging in the balance.