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Wisconsin seeing a lot of emergency room visits lately

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Health Law |

Emergency rooms can be very busy and hectic environments. It appears that, in recent times, they have been particularly busy places here in Wisconsin.

Doctors in the state have pointed to emergency room visits increasing. Additionally, the state reportedly leads the nation in post-Affordable-Care-Act-passage ER visits.

What is behind ERs in the state becoming busier? One of the things a recent WDJT article laid out as a possible contributor are a relatively high number of individuals going to emergency rooms with non-emergency medical issues. A shortage of primary care doctors in the state is being pointed to as one of the reasons why there might be a fair deal of instances in which individuals here in Wisconsin whose medical condition does not require emergency care end up going to an emergency room for treatment.

One wonders what will be done in the future to address the primary care physician shortage and the high levels of emergency room visits in Wisconsin, how effective the measures that are ultimately taken will prove to be and what impacts such measures will end up having on how busy emergency rooms in the state are.

How busy an emergency room is can have a range of impacts. For one, a particularly busy emergency room environment can pose some care challenges for emergency room physicians. It is important for such physicians to be aware of these challenges and respond to them appropriately when they arise.

Challenges related to the care they provide are not the only challenges that can come up for emergency care doctors. For one, challenging legal matters can sometimes arise for them, such as matters regarding their contracts, their credentialing or their license. Sometimes, care challenges can lead to legal issues, such as disciplinary matters related to accusations of care missteps. When a legal issue comes up for an emergency care physician that could have significant impacts on their career and professional future, they may want to promptly take the issue to a lawyer skilled and experienced in representing medical professionals in health law matters.

Source: WDJT, “More People Abusing Emergency Rooms in Wisconsin,” Amanda Porterfield, June 15, 2016

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