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Report lists Wisconsin among the best states for physicians

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Many different things can impact how attractive of a place a given state is for doctors. This includes financial factors in the state, such as overall economic conditions and what overall trends are present in the state when it comes to physician pay. It also includes non-financial factors, like quality of life factors and factors regarding intellectual engagement. And of course, different physicians can have very different opinions regarding what makes a place a particularly good place to practice.

A recent report on Medscape’s website contained a list of 25 states it found to be among the best states for doctors and a list of five states that it found to be among the worst states for doctors. In determining which states made these lists, the report looked at a variety of different financial and nonfinancial factors and used a range of different sources.

Wisconsin made the list of states that were the best places to practice. Specifically, the state held the No. 13 spot on this list. One of the things the report pointed out that physicians might find particularly attractive about Wisconsin are high physician compensation levels in the state.

For each of the states on its list of the 25 best places to practice, the report identified one city in the state that it found to be a particularly good place for physicians. The city the report picked for Wisconsin was Madison.

What do you think are some of the best things about Wisconsin for physicians? What things about the state do you think are most challenging for doctors? What things do you think could make Wisconsin an even better place to practice?

Of course, the trends in and characteristics of the city and state they are in are not the only things that can have impacts on how a physician’s practice ends up going and a physician’s overall well-being. Another thing that can have significant effects on these important things is what terms the contracts a doctor has entered into in relation to their practice of medicine, such as employment contracts or group practice contracts, have. Given this, the results of contract negotiations can be very impactful for physicians. So, a physician may find having the guidance of a skilled health care law attorney to be very valuable when in the process of negotiating an employment or group practice contract.

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