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Delivering bad news to patients

Doctors face many challenging situations during the course of their work. One of the difficult tasks that can come before a doctor is having to give a patient bad news. There are a wide range of serious diagnoses or news of negative outcomes a doctor may end up having to deliver to their patients.

Will Wisconsin open athletic physicals to chiropractors?

Physicians are far from the only health care professionals that can have major legal issues come up for them in relation to their practice. Another such professional are chiropractors. A chiropractor’s career can be greatly impacted by how legal issues related to their license and other aspects of their practice are handled. Getting guidance from an attorney knowledgeable of the unique legal issues that can arise for chiropractors can be important for a chiropractor when such legal matters come up.

Nurses can face stress and trauma in relation to patient deaths

Nurses can encounter some very difficult, and potentially traumatic, situations during the course of their work. This includes patient deaths. These tragic situations can have many impacts on a nurse, including impacts on their mental health.

New guidelines issued on treating lower back pain

One thing it can be very common for a doctor to be helping a patient with is lower back pain. The American College of Physicians has pointed to this type of pain being an incredibly common reason for doctor visits here in the United States. So, how doctors act when it comes to the treating of such pain can be a significant issue.

Opioid prescribing on the decline?

In recent times, many safety concerns have been raised when it comes to opioid painkillers. This has led to opioid prescribing practices getting an increased amount of attention from the public and state/federal regulators. Given this environment, one might wonder whether there have been major changes in physician behavior regarding the prescribing of these medications in recent years.

Report lists Wisconsin among the best states for physicians

Many different things can impact how attractive of a place a given state is for doctors. This includes financial factors in the state, such as overall economic conditions and what overall trends are present in the state when it comes to physician pay. It also includes non-financial factors, like quality of life factors and factors regarding intellectual engagement. And of course, different physicians can have very different opinions regarding what makes a place a particularly good place to practice.