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Should you sue your health insurance company?

Dealing with health insurance can be a real hassle. There may come a time when you have a claim denied, which can be infuriating, especially, if it is for a service that your doctor said was necessary. When you have a claim denied, you may want to fight back. While your first instinct may be to take the insurance company to court in Wisconsin, you may want to consider alternative options first.

States file lawsuit to end ACA

The Affordable Care Act has been quite controversial since it was introduced and enacted by Congress under the Obama Administration. The individual mandate and tax penalty have been major sticking points. According to The Hill, when Congress ended the tax penalty under President Trump, it changed the previous Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of the ACA. This has led to 20 states, Wisconsin included, to file a lawsuit that it is no longer constitutional. 

Three things to uphold your rights as a patient

When patients go to the hospital, they know that doctors go through years of training and they have specific knowledge about how ailments and diseases are caused and treated. However, there are some instances where your experience and training may not lead to an exact prognosis. Rather, a range of treatments may be available. Indeed, prudent physicians take the patient through their thought process because they think patients may not understand medical terminology.