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Will Wisconsin open athletic physicals to chiropractors?

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Physicians are far from the only health care professionals that can have major legal issues come up for them in relation to their practice. Another such professional are chiropractors. A chiropractor’s career can be greatly impacted by how legal issues related to their license and other aspects of their practice are handled. Getting guidance from an attorney knowledgeable of the unique legal issues that can arise for chiropractors can be important for a chiropractor when such legal matters come up.

Many things can impact what kinds of legal matters can arise for chiropractors here in Wisconsin. Among these are state laws related to chiropractors.

Currently, a chiropractor-related law change is being considered in Wisconsin. The proposed change would open the door to such health care professionals doing sports physicals in the state.

The proposal, which is in a bill that is before the state legislature, would require most schools and the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association to accept physicals performed by chiropractors as a qualifying sports physical. It would mandate that certification standards for being allowed to do sports physicals be put in place for chiropractors and would make it so a chiropractor would have to receive certification if they wish to perform such physicals.

The proposal has generated debate. Supporters say chiropractors are well-suited to perform athletic physicals. Opponents argue that chiropractors might not have the experience with physicals necessary to catch the various things sports physicals are aimed at looking for, and that such physicals are best left to doctors and nurses.

One wonders what will happen with this debate and the bill. If the bill were passed, what effects do you think it would have for chiropractors and the health care field as a whole?

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