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The importance of having help when negotiating group practice contracts

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Health Law |

Among the things that can play a big role in a doctor’s career are their interactions with group practices. Sometimes, a doctor will decide to contract with such an entity in connection to their practice of medicine.

Some physicians might assume that the negotiating of such contracts is something they shouldn’t have any trouble handling themselves. However, trying to negotiate such a contract on one’s own can carry significant risks for a doctor.

Group practice contracts and the process of negotiating such contracts can be complex in a wide range of ways. In the midst of these complexities, a doctor that is trying to handle the negotiations without any help could be vulnerable to missing important details, making an incorrect assumption or making a mistake in the negotiating process.

The terms of group practice contracts touch on a range of issues involving impactful and fundamental matters such as what compensation for services a doctor will receive under the contract and what sorts of services the doctor will be providing under the contract. What terms the contract they ultimately agree to contains can have significant career implications for a doctor. So, the consequences of oversights, missteps or mistakes made during the process of negotiating such a contract can be considerable.

Given what can be at stake for a doctor during group practice contract negotiations, having skilled help during such negotiations can be a critical step in a doctor’s efforts to try to ensure that the contract they end up with is consistent with their professional aims and goals. So, when thinking of contracting with a group practice, a doctor should consider promptly going to an experienced health law attorney for negotiation-related guidance.

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