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Study names Wisconsin top place to work for nurses

On Behalf of | May 23, 2017 | Health Law |

Many things can have major impacts on the life and career of a nurse. Among these are nursing license issues. When issues come up that could negatively impact a nurse’s license status, it can give rise to a lot of worries and anxiety for a nurse. Health lawyers understand how much a nurse’s career and life as they know it can depend on their license status. They can advise nurses here in Wisconsin on what they can do to defend their license when matters arise that could put their license in danger, such as disciplinary matters.

Another thing that can have significant impacts on nurses is how good of a place the state they live in is to work when it comes to the nursing field. How good of a place to work is Wisconsin for nurses? A recent report points to it being quite a good one.

In fact, the report ranked Wisconsin the No.1 place in the whole country for nurses. In forming its rankings, the report reviewed 18 factors falling into two general categories: work environment and opportunity & competition.

Wisconsin did particularly well in the work environment category. It was ranked No. 2 in this category. The one state that ranked higher was Minnesota.

While Wisconsin’s performance in the opportunity & competition category wasn’t quite as strong, the state still ranked well within the top half of the nation for this category. It was ranked 14th.

Demand for nurses is currently high in Wisconsin, and is expected to grow even further in upcoming years. If the demand does end up growing greatly, what impacts do you think it will have on how good of a place Wisconsin is to work for nurses?

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