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What leads people to the medical profession?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2017 | Health Law |

The decision to pursue a career as a doctor is a big one to make. What are the primary motivators that lead to individuals making this decision? A recent American Medical Association survey indicates that a big contributor is a desire to help others.

The survey was of medical students, medical residents and physicians. Among the things the respondents were asked about was why they choose the medical profession.

Around three out of every four of the respondents said that their main reason for picking the medical field was wanting to help people. The survey also found it was fairly common for respondents (especially medical students) to cite a past personal experience as playing a role in them deciding on a medical career.

Another thing the survey results pointed to is career choice satisfaction being very high among the respondents.

As this underscores, for many physicians, their career is far more than just a source of income. It can be a source of satisfaction in their life and a major part of their efforts to make a positive impact out in the world.

So, when a physician’s career is facing dangers, such as disciplinary proceedings or potential medical license suspension/revocation, the stakes can go far beyond the financial. Skilled health law attorneys understand how much the life of a physician can be impacted by what happens in these types of legal matters. They can help doctors facing these sorts of proceedings understand what steps can be taken during the course of the proceedings to try to safeguard their future in the medical profession.

Source: The Washington Post, “Survey shows why doctors choose medicine and the challenges they face,” Jia Naqvi, April 10, 2017

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