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Could Wisconsin soon see changes in the rules for some health care professions?

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Among the things that are very impactful on health care practitioners here in Wisconsin are the state’s rules for their particular profession. These rules set various things for a given health care profession, including what individuals in that profession are and are not authorized to do when it comes to patient care.

Here in Wisconsin, some health care professionals are pushing for changes in the rules for their particular profession. This includes some individuals in the physician assistant, advanced practice nurse and dental hygienist professions.

Each of these three professions has certain rules regarding what duties a practitioner can take on and what kind of supervision they have to have. Some argue that these rules are outdated and should be changed to expand the duties of these professions. One wonders what specific changes will ultimately end up being proposed to the state on this front. One also wonders if any of the proposals that ultimately are brought will lead to changes to state law when it comes to these professions.

Do you think changes should be made here in Wisconsin to the rules on dental hygienists, physician assistants and advanced practice nurses?

Changes in the rules for their profession are among the many rule-related things that could have major implications for a Wisconsin health care worker. Another is being accused of not complying with the rules for their profession. Such allegations could put many things in danger for a practitioner, including possibly their license to practice. Skilled health law attorneys can assist health care practitioners here in Wisconsin in efforts to defend their license in the face of such accusations.

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