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Doctor facing state board investigation following OWI charge

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2016 | Health Law |

When a Wisconsinite in the medical profession is facing allegations of drunk driving, criminal defense representation is not the only type of legal help they may need. They may find it valuable to also have the guidance of a health law attorney experienced with legal matters related to state licensing board actions.

Wisconsin medical professionals accused of OWI could not only end up facing proceedings in the state’s criminal justice system, but also investigations and actions from the state’s professional licensing board. This is illustrated in a recent case involving a Wisconsin doctor.

The doctor, a Milwaukee neurosurgeon, was charged with drunk driving following an incident that occurred in March. She is accused of having driven with a blood alcohol level over double the legal limit. This is the third drunk driving charge the doctor has faced.

In the wake of this charge, a professional licensing board investigation of the doctor has been initiated.

State licensing board investigations can be very impactful for doctors. Depending on what findings are reached, such an investigation could lead to a physician’s license being at risk or them facing other disciplinary actions. One wonders what findings will be made in the licensing board investigation of the Milwaukee neurosurgeon and what ultimate ramifications the investigation and its findings will have.

As this matter illustrates, doctors can face additional concerns and issues (such as concerns/issues that could impact their license and status in the profession) on top of the normal ones associated with OWI allegations when accused of drunk driving.

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