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When credentialing matters arise for a physician

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2016 | Health Law |

Just like other professionals, physicians can have a desire to grow and expand their practice. However, the types of issues that can arise for physicians when it comes to such expansion can be quite different from that of other professionals.

One of the unique issues that can come up for a physician in this regard is credentialing. One practice expansion method a physician may want to take is to gain the ability to perform services at a nearby hospital. Generally, to acquire this ability, successfully going through the credentialing process is necessary.

Among the things the credentialing process involves is a peer credentialing committee. The credentialing process can have numerous complexities. Also, what ends up happening in the process can not only affect whether or not a physician will be able to obtain their short-term goals regarding expanding their practice abilities, it can also have long-lasting implications on their career.

So, the things a physician does, or doesn’t do, as they are going through the process of trying to get credentials for a hospital can have some significant ramifications. So, trying to navigate this process all on one’s own and without any help could, particularly when complex issues arise, potentially put a physician in a tricky or precarious situation. This, is why, when it comes to credentialing issues, a physician may want a skilled health law attorney in their camp.

Our firm understands the special legal issues that can arise for physicians and other health care professionals and how impactful what happens with these issues can be on a health care professional’s career. We are committed to helping physicians with credentialing matters and other complex health care law matters.

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