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Lawyer Helping Doctors Get The Proper Credentials

If you are a health care practitioner who wants to expand your opportunities to practice medicine, you need to gain the proper credentialing. For most doctors, however, this process can seem quite complex, and there are several pitfalls that can trip you up if you are not ready for them.

My name is Dan Icenogle, and as a practicing physician with more than 30 years of experience, I understand how difficult the credentialing process is. One of the reasons why I became an attorney more than 20 years ago is so I can help other doctors throughout Wisconsin get the legal help they need to practice medicine effectively.

Craig Williams Understands The Competitive Peer-Review Process

If you want to expand the scope of your practice — for example, if you are a solo practitioner who would like to be able to deliver babies at a nearby hospital — you will have to go through that hospital's credentialing committee made up of your peers.

Doctors can be territorial when they feel threatened by competition. A credentialing committee can effectively put you out of business, which is why you need an experienced health care lawyer like me to protect your rights and handle the often-delicate negotiations.

As your attorney, I will gather all the necessary evidence to prove you are qualified to receive certain hospital privileges. While these physician credentialing matters can end up in state court, having a qualified attorney in your corner performing all of the necessary due diligence is often enough motivation for the parties to forge a compromise.

Contact Icenogle & Associates, LLC, For Effective Credentialing Assistance

While my law firm is located in Readstown, Wisconsin, I routinely travel across the state to meet with clients. Call me today at 866-625-9104 if you need assistance receiving your credentials.

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